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Asteroid Derby Deluxe is an arcade game based on twitch reflexes and keeping track of a chaotic situation. It borrows elements from Berzerk, Robotron 2084, and Commando.

"In the year 2000, a deadly sporting event begins. It is called, 'Asteroid Derby'. The greatest space pilots in the galaxy gathered to compete for that holy grail, that prize of prizes: STAYING ALIVE!"

Pilot your ship and blast asteroids and even other contestants with your modified Asteroid Mining Disintegrator Ray to stave off your inevitable demise. Compete against your high scores in 7 exciting difficulties and modes in your quest for the Galactic Grail!

Asteroid Derby removes all the fluff from classic twitch gameplay, leaving just the core of the experience: fast, challenging gameplay. The game will never stop pushing your skills with its fast difficulty curve and selectable difficulty. Sessions last only minutes, making it perfect for a quick burst of fun.

Asteroid Derby Features:

  • Twitchy arcade gameplay straight from the early eighties!
  • Revolutionary 1 bit graphics!
  • Unlockable modes and achievements!
  • Selectable difficulty!
  • A variety of exciting gameplay options!
  • Relentless challenge!

Use the number keys to change the window scale. Use the zero key to switch to fullscreen (not recommended, it creates scaling artifacts.) Other instructions are in game.


Asteroid Derby Deluxe for Windows 2 MB

Install instructions

Download and run the exe. It should run from there, no install needed. It saves data in appdata.

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