A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Ludum Dare Compo in only 48 hours!

Control the monstrous power of Mother Nature in Disastris!

Disastris is a game of strategy, experimentation, chance, and watching things explode. You have control over each of the four classical elements: Water, in the form of a powerful tsunami; Air, in the form of a tornado; Fire, in the form of a fire-bomb; and, last but not least,Giant Monsters from Space! (In the form of a giant monster from space.)

Blast your way through five unique cities on your campaign of destruction, experimenting with each disaster in your arsenal to create maximum destruction. Try for a high score, or simply experience the cathartic thrill of crushing mighty civilizations into dust!


  • F toggles fullscreen
  • Select disasters from the bottom bar. The number underneath them is how many you - have left to use in the level.
  • Purple houses give more points than orange houses, and large buildings give many points.
  • Trees are easy to ignite, while roads are quite difficult.
  • Each disaster has special properties, strengths, and weaknesses. Experiment to find every disaster's best use in each level.
  • Try for that high score, and have fun!

Install instructions

Download the game and run. It should work from there.


Disastris.exe 28 MB


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Cool! It's like my favorite part of Sim City concentrated to a game.