A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Learn to be a master forager in this rapid-fire fungal forage-em-up.

Use your guidebook and your memory to quickly identify whether a mushroom is a gourmet morsel fit for a king, or whether it will result in an early and horrible death!

Each mushroom is unique and every playthrough has new species, so don't get too comfortable!



The game supports keyboard and gamepad controls.

Z/A to pick and eat a mushroom.

X/B to reject a mushroom.

enter/start to start the game or the level.

escape/select to toggle fullscreen.


You have a certain amount of energy. It ticks down over time and when you make a mistake. When it runs out the game is over. However, doing well will fill the meter back up slowly.

Every once in a while, you will discover a new species of mushroom, which will automatically be added to your guidebook!

When you discover a mushroom, your energy resets.

Try to discover as many mushrooms as you can!


Windows 14 MB
MacOS 16 MB
Debian / Ubuntu 9 MB
.love file 10 MB

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