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It is the year 2060. Your world has faced all manner of threats. Climate change, plagues, and meteor strikes have left it desperate.

Now, another threat looms.


They have placed your world in a giant metal cube. As ALIENS do.

The ALIENS may outnumber you /1, but you feel confident in your ability to fend them off!


Destroy ALIENS by shooting them.

You have a limited amount of health, which is always draining. You must act quickly to avoid death! This health regenerates between rounds.

You can ram enemies, which hurts you but hurts the enemy more. This isn't always the right choice but it can be effective.

Pick up green satellites to regain some health.

Destroy all enemies to go to the next round. Your health refills between each round.

Highscores are kept globally and locally, so try to get to the top of the board!


Press F or F11 for fullscreen!

Turn your ship with A and D or ⬅️ and ➡️.

Control the throttle with W, ⬆️, or X

Fire your laser with SPACE, or Z


All resources original and made withing 48 hours, except:

The font Silkscreen, from Jason Kottke.

The font 3Dventure, from Aaron D. Chand.

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W.R.L.D. for Windows (48 Hour Version) 4 MB
W.R.L.D. Source Code (GMS2) 18 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip and unzip it.

The game may not run on 32 bit systems.


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Deleted 3 years ago

No problem. How exactly did you do this? (just so I can make this system more robust in the future)

on top of everything, this itch page is stylish as heck

Very solid entry. Congrats.

That countdown sound, could you please share the source (or did you make it by yourself)?

Thanks a lot!


All of the sound effects are original, and are made in bfxr. If you download the source code you should be able to find the source audio files for them. You can use the countdown sound if you want.

The music is also original, and made in Macrotune.

Thanks and congrats again. Rock solid experience.


Your games are always so good, it makes me sad haha.