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Hey! I just wanted to make it aware that I was messing around on my computer, and trying to see if I could break the game, and I used a method to change my score in the game. I did not think that this would break the scoreboard, but it managed to bring me to the top of the leaderboard with a score of 1111111. I apologize for my mistake, but could you try to disqualify or remove that scoreboard entry? If you are interested in fixing this bug, I would kindly message you showing you what I did.

No problem. How exactly did you do this? (just so I can make this system more robust in the future)

on top of everything, this itch page is stylish as heck

Very solid entry. Congrats.

That countdown sound, could you please share the source (or did you make it by yourself)?

Thanks a lot!


All of the sound effects are original, and are made in bfxr. If you download the source code you should be able to find the source audio files for them. You can use the countdown sound if you want.

The music is also original, and made in Macrotune.

Thanks and congrats again. Rock solid experience.


Your games are always so good, it makes me sad haha.